Skills Link

Programmes and Course Information

For places on our programmes we take enquiries from private fee-paying individuals as well as referrals and enquiries from agencies, colleges and IAG officers.

Digital & Computer Skills

Using and keeping up to date with technology is a challenge for all of us. We have a range of courses, from beginner to expert and qualifications up to L3.
We can help you with the basics, needed for day to day activities, surfing the net, staying safe on line, using e-mail etc and we can help you with qualifications up to L3 that can help you specialise in an IT role. Our digital and IT qualifications can support apprenticeships.

Maths Development Courses

After a 1-2-1 diagnostic our maths courses consist of small classes of similar ability students all working to improve their knowledge. We cater for a range of ability from functional skills beginner to GCSE and courses can be focused on real work related and daily tasks. The course length varies from 4 to 40 weeks and includes free online additional resources to promote rapid development.

English Development Courses

After a 1-2-1 diagnostic assessment English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are developed in small classes. Qualifications can be gained from functional skills beginner to GCSE. The course length varies from 4 to 40 weeks and includes free additional online resources to promote rapid development.

Motivational and Confidence Building.

This soft skill course consists of 1-2-1 tutorials and small group task work. Individual development plans are made to meet each learner’s needs. Courses are designed to inspire and empower personal development over a defined period. Course content and length will vary from 4 to 12 weeks.

Employability Development Programme

Our employability programmes include assessments of personal soft skills and work-related skills. Personal development and action plans are created to overcome employability weaknesses and to build generic employment skills. Participants will benefit from presentations given by local employers allowing a career focus to develop and milestone goals to be set.

Job Search Support Programme

Applying for jobs and gaining an interview can be a dreary challenge. With the support of job search coaches, managing and organising personal job-search becomes less taxing with this programme. On our Job search support programme skills are developed to utilise efficient online job search methods as well as old fashioned face to face methods. Unadvertised job discovery along with networking opportunities are maximised for best effect.

Job Application Tool Kit Preparation

Having the right tools for the right job is essential. This short programme will help you develop your Job search tool kit. The course includes support to create a real and personal CV. Your CV will be created without falsehoods and plastic sentences, it will be real and honest, highlighting your best strengths and it will help you get noticed as a real person. Interview gems will be planted in to your CV allowing any interviewer to discover your enthusiasms and strengths through targeted questioning. We know that personal presentation and first impressions are the key to a successful interview, through interview practice this course will also help you see yourself from each side of the interview desk and to build on your strengths and to avoid any weaker areas.

Customer Service Qualifications

Skills Link can offer training and qualifications in customer service up to level 3. These skills are sought by many local employers and employment sectors including retail, entertainment, travel and tourism. Bradford is rebuilding its greatness as a city by developing a whole new city centre experience from these important employment sectors. Bradford’s new Banking and call centre employment sectors also require great customer service skills which can be developed though these courses. Our qualification programmes in customer service can support apprenticeships.

Business Administration Qualifications

Alongside digital and IT skills many local growing businesses require good administration staff. These staff often work in the back offices or perhaps reception areas and keep the company organised. This very important job requires good all-round skills in IT and customer service to be able to support the business administration tasks in all the departments of a company. Skills Link can offer business administration qualifications up to L3. Our qualifications programmes in business administration can support apprenticeships.